An Inheritance of Stars

A crisis of thought

Murphy paced agitatedly back and forth on the bridge of the Cobra and pulled at his hair in distress. Was it possible? Could it be? Is it true? Was he dead? In some ways it couldn’t be true. He could walk around the ship freely, open doors, use the computers. But somehow the interior cameras picked up people and creatures which he could not see himself. Now these strangers had boarded the Cobra and were talking to him through the monitors. Like the others, he couldn’t see them when the computer said they were on the bridge with him. Yet somehow they seemed to be there, and even worse they had a decayed corpse wearing clothing identical to his…one of them was even carrying his old mining laser from before everything had started.

The whole thing was too messed up for Murphy, he followed their request to seal and de-pressurize the entire ship in order to kill the mutants, and then turned away from the monitors, curled up in the captain’s chair, and began to cry.



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