An Inheritance of Stars

A New Chapter Begins

Space now

Over 250 years have passed since contact was made with the Imperium of Man, and the Wild Card Virus was released in the Inequity star system. The passage of time has seen Imperial doctrine welcomed and accepted by the people of the Argylian Expanse. With this acceptance, the cold war with the Gray has excelated into outright war. The current political situation haven’t changed much over the years the old alliances and hatreds still remain. Foundling Worlds and Winterscales Realm would have long since engaged in their own war save for this ongoing conflict with the Gray, and through peace enforced by visible adherence to Imperial law. This situation has lead to an escalated cold war scenario between the Republic and the Star Kingdom.

In this new age of man, the few people truly free to chart their own course are the Rouge Traders and their ships. These explorers, by right of Warrant of Trade are charged with expanding the boarders of the Argylian Expanse, and bringing back resources for the benefit of all mankind. This vast freedom has lead some to refer to these blessed few as the Inheritors of the Stars.



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