An Inheritance of Stars

A Secret Shared?

Xander finished his meal and returned to the crew quarters of the Minnow. Since coming out of Marwood’s 3 day quarantine, he needed some quiet and privacy; no easy task in a ship with almost double the intended number of crew.

Currently the Captain Korsogan was interviewing the mercenary girl they had rescued from the mining vessle; they were in the captain’s cabin with the door open half way. Donny and Garry were watching a holovid in the common area. Anita was in the engine room with the rat girl, and the Doctor was in his medlab.

Xander knew that Faust was in the crew quarters where he normally worked on his gear; but the man was quiet, and wouldn’t bother him. As the door slid open, Xander heard the man exclaim “I got it!” before a glowing holo of the expanse winked out. Xander turned up the lights until he could see Faust. “I came in here for some quiet, sorry to intrude.” A long moment of silence passed before Xander spoke again. “I don’t want to get into your business here; I didn’t see much of that map you’ve got, but I maybe recognize part of it. The people who live there don’t like strangers, what you’ve got is dangerous.”

Faust seemed to consider him for a long moment, then held up a small but intricately designed data cube and did something which Xander couldn’t see. Moments later, a glowing holo representation of the sector appeared in the air between the two men. Xander didnt understand most of the information presented, but he pointed towards a small highlighted area. Faust did something else, and the view changed and he spoke. “Don’t ask questions. Just tell me what you think you know. Then maybe we’ll talk.”



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