An Inheritance of Stars

A security chiefs job is never done...

After finally getting the remaining survivors in lock-down and quarantine Freddy decided to check in on that mercenary delivery girl.

She seemed extremely agitated and irritated that she was being put in quarantine like the rest of the survivors even though it was equally possible she had been exposed to the viruses re-emergence like the rest of the crew. Freddy wished she had seen half the mutations that he had then she might understand why this ship was equipped with quarantine rooms like this, if anyone does go mutant and develops a hostile, insane and dangerous mutation these rooms will give us time to neutralize them before they can hurt anyone else or do any more damage to the ship.

Having been around the virus while wearing these space suits Freddy felt comfortable enough that they were not going to get infected thru them as long as they followed proper quarantine and disinfection protocols that Dr. Marwood had put into place; and so didn’t see any point to getting his crewi n these rooms as well.. plus there was still the issue of the unknown agent possibly on the ship.

Freddy connected into the minnow and began downloading all of the non personally related information on the virus, all the images and videos of the infected and the news reels from the infected station and loaded them all onto a data chip.

“Maybe this will help explain to her why we dont want anyone we can’t trust is not infected out wandering” he muttered to himself as it loaded.

Thinking she may need some additional entertainment, he loaded the Apocalypse Pony episodes onto the data chip as well.

“hopefully this will keep her entertained, and quiet, until we can be sure she is not infected and will not be.. an issue.”

Freddy considered Shas for a moment. He had originally been willing to turn the alien over, or at least space him as soon as they were off of that wretched station, but he found himself realizing he was glad they had not. he was turning out to be a useful hand in a fight, especially so as they no longer had Heinrich and his rifle watching their backs.

Mind, there have been less ninjas around since Heinrich left..

Freddy walked down to the quarantine lab to drop the chip off and see if he could get Naomi to see sense, otherwise, he might need to see that she does not make it out of quarantine.



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