An Inheritance of Stars

A Strategic Rethink

A low rumble could be felt through the deck plating as the massive ship engaged its powerful engines and began its ponderous acceleration curve away from the station, heading out to a safe distance before jumping into the warp. Once the sickening lurch out of real space had been accomplished, Captain Keel turned towards his passenger; one who rated high enough courtesy to be permitted on the bridge during a warp transition. “My intelligence states that they left the station almost 3 weeks ago. We’ll have to push the ship hard if we’re going to catch up in time.”

His passenger briefly turned her face towards his own before returning her gaze to the main data screen. “Your intelligence is incomplete Captain. Thought they did indeed depart, they were not headed where you think. My own sources tell me that they are on a detour of some sorts…a race to recover the remains of the treasure ship the Bountiful Harvest. If they’re successful you might need to rethink your strategy. However if they fail, you’ll lose your best chance of success. Either way, you shouldn’t need to worry about being late for the rendezvous.”

Keel snorted with amusement. “The Bountiful Harvest? That old ship’s tale has been floating around for centuries, and nobody’s ever found more than a hint of its location, or even proof that it ever existed at all. It seems to me that you need to find some informants who pay less attention to station gossip, and more to the facts.”

A small smile appeared on the woman’s face, a dangerous smile. “That may be Captain, but just remember what we’re trying to accomplish here. It harms nothing to be prepared for all eventualities. Besides, it’s going to make things much more interesting if that ship is rediscovered. Much more interesting indeed.” Noticing the Captain’s questioning glance, she added “Oh that ship is real Captain, you can count on that. The only question is which ship will be victorious.”

Keel didn’t like the knowing look in her eyes, and decided that there were some things he was better off not knowing. “Well if all is as you say, then perhaps I should use our time in the warp to come up with some alternate strategies. After all, it wouldn’t do well to be taken by surprise now would it.”



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