An Inheritance of Stars

A subtle escape

Garry peered around the corner into the main thoroughfare he had come to. He was cautious and rightly so; just before he had escaped the recycling unit, Hulik had commed in that the Arbiters were closing in on the commotion. He had escaped the area just in time to avoid a squad of 3 heavily armed troopers and 4 combat droids. He had been puzzled by their numbers at first, but now that he was seeing with his own eyes he understood: the corridor was complete chaos. It appeared that some form of protest had been happening, and had gotten out of control. Garry could see individual knots of Arbiters and droids swinging clubs and rifle butts against a group of people with signs and home-made weapons. The whole situation was sketchy, and the gunfight which had happened nearby had apparently been enough to elicit a forceful response from the LEOs…it was also the perfect distraction.

Garry backed down his utility passage until he found a garbage chute. Giving a momentary sad farewell, he disposed of his 2nd gas grenade, and his assault rifle (he could always get more, and they would be more trouble than they were worth if they drew attention or were found on him…although he kept his pistol and knife). Then with only the barest backward glance he stepped out of his quiet hiding place, and into the melee of the “protest,” with any luck he could use the distraction, and rejoin his ship in no time.



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