An Inheritance of Stars

An Alien Perspective

Admiral Aunrai of the Gray exploratory fleet looked at his command display, then back to his first officer Shalel. “Are these reports correct? Is there no further action we can take to prevent contact?”

“At this time no. It seems that one of the Human deep space pilots survived an intervention event several months ago. Apparently he drifted until his life support was almost out before being recovered…by the very vessel we strove to conceal from them.” Shalel bowed his head before his commanding officer.

“Then contact has already been made; nothing can be accomplished through hindsight, so we must plan forward. What is the likelihood of a negative culture reaction? Will they welcome what is about to find them, or will they fight?” Changing the readout on his display, Aunrai paused in contemplation before speaking again. “If we can encourage the humans to resist, then ta mutual alliance might finally be enough to turn the tide on the main front.”

Shalel added some calculations to the Admiral’s display, “The humans have ever been hesitant towards other races. In this case, it seems unlikely we’ll be successful in convincing them to side with us. They barley tolerate us as trade allies.”

Aunrai raised his hand for silence. “According to this data, we still have some time before the humans become aware of the nature of the strange ship on their long range scans. Lets use this time to apply what influence we can, and ready the fleet.”

This time his first officer looked truly confused. “Fleet Sir? we have six ships. They’re all present and accounted for. The humans are well aware of our strength and location. What tactical difference can we have on the situation?”

Aunrai smiled, his painted teeth gleaming faintly in the dim lighting of the command bridge. “We’re an exploratory fleet. Many of our lightly armed merchant and exploration vessels have better defenses than the humans realize. Also many of them have escort ships, Just one or two so as not to alarm the pink skins. Once you add our little diplomatic command group it adds up to a reasonable force.” He appreciated the stunned look on his second’s face. “Until now it want necessary for you to know. However in light of recent events some things have changed. I would take some time to gather all of our forces to a single staging area. However, I’m inclined to gather them up into smaller separate strike teams. We can gradually pull them together into a more cohesive force, however this will give us the best opportunity to react when the humans make contact this new race.”



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