An Inheritance of Stars

And people think trade is boring...

Captain Jackie smiled wolfishly as she stared into the auspex, light glinting off the optical plastic. Surely the Fel Hand would be here soon, if not already waiting. Although, she was reasonably sure her beautiful, beautiful ship was faster than his wallowing tub. She stroked the frame of the auspex. Her ship…about to be tested.

She looked up, and glanced around the bridge. Everyone seemed to be in place, tending to their duties. The usual quiet hum had acquired an edge, as the ship and crew readied for action. This was certainly not in the original plans, but a) plans never survive contact with the enemy, and b) rules – well, Other People’s Rules, were only guidelines anyways. Besides….treasure! Shiny things! Meant for her and her ship, and some ruffian meant to attempt prevent it and scoop it for himself! Not to be borne for an instant. It would be an especially poor reward for the faithfulness of the family retainer Orst Drei, who had patiently guarded the secret of the Bountiful Harvest until he could make his delivery. He deserved to see what he had been keeping safe, and share in the rewards.

Hopefully, with some clever work and a little luck, perhaps there might be TWO ships to plunder the secrets of the Harvest…under her command, of course.


slipping in under the wire for posting ep… well played


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