An Inheritance of Stars

Blood Collections

Richard expertly pulled the needle out of Freddy’s arm, and pushed a piece of cotton gauze over the puncture location. “Just hold this here and push on it hard.” He said, letting Freddy take over. Instead he tapped the line coming from the needle, watching carefully as the line of red was drawn down into the nicely bulging blood bag. A deft hand clipped the valve off, sealing the bag. Richard peeled of a label with Freddy’s name, applied it to the bag, and placed that in the medical refrigeration unit. “All done. Grab a good meal, I’d recommend some actual food, no spacerbars, and no alcohol. Lots of fluids and a good nights sleep. You’ll be good as new, and we can make sure we have at least some blood for you in case of emergency. Or utility. Send in Heinrick on your way out would you?” Richard told Freddy, and started preparing another blood bag and needle.
“Sure thing.” Freddy said, as he stood up. He felt a tiny bit light headed as he headed to the galley.



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