An Inheritance of Stars

Electric Recon is the best because there is much less chance of being shot

Words to continue living by

After the Captain gave his instructions on how we are going to play out this next operations Freddy quickly went to work. He went into his room on the Minnow and pulled out one of his many confiscated and id wiped data pads and began working his way into the stations security systems. A little quick hacking and cracking (someone on this station likes to keep default passwords on their access points…) got Freddy into the outer edges of the stations main security system. Not being able to directly control or modify the systems without risking tipping their hat that shit was about to go down he settled for checking reporting logs on security locations throughout the station.

Deacon’s Deck: 2 heavy, 15 medium + genetic labs (where Richard and clones are)

Main Concourse/Catina: 1 heavy, 15 medium (prior to auction. during auction 1 heavy, and 5 med are pre-programmed to move from the deacon Deck’s down to concourse for a total of 2 Heavy and 20 medium).

Upper docking: 1 heavy, 20 medium.

Market/Habs/Mid Docking level: 1 heavy, 15 medium. (party’s ship is accessed through mid concourse to repair arm)

Lower Docking: 2 heavy, 20 medium.

Salvage: (20 medium droids patrol lower three levels in 4 groups of 5. 2 are always on the salvage level at any one time)

Warrens: Nothing Freddy could find in the system.

Outer Hulls: there are also 36 droid fighter craft which are docked 12/docking bay level.

Reserves: there are 3 heavy droids, and 30 medium droids kept on reserve in shutdown. Freddy couldn’t locate which level(s) they are located on.

Freddy got his information together and dumped it onto a data chip to bring to the crew so they could try to plan this little soiree a little more precisely. As much as he was not terrible in a fight his best tactics were still obfuscation and conversation, so this planning needed a more experienced mind.

Freddy, much to his personal horror, was starting to get used to being in the line of fire, and almost looked forward to the adrenalin rush. Might be time to see a psychologist soon before he got himself shot!



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