An Inheritance of Stars

Heads Up

Gnat signed and rubbed her temples trying to ease her headache. Finally she got up from her control station, and exited the cockpit moving towards the rear of the Minnow. The ship was crowded these past few days, what with the Cockroach Crew catching a ride now as well and Gnat wrinkled her nose as she passed DC and Xander relined on a crew couch watching an entertainment flick on the main display.

DC patted the couch at his side, “comon over here cutie; you can watch with us. it’s a horror flick you’ll love it.” DC looked momentary confused as Gnat walked past without a word and entered the crew quarters. He turned to Xander, “is she playing hard to get?”

Xander, having seen the look on Gnat’s face as DC had flirted. “Dude; as your life-sworn bodyguard, I’m telling you Don’t.”

As the door to the crew quarters hissed shut behind her, Gnat signed again. “Do Hulik’s new friend’s give you a head ache too?” asked Hienrick; he was sitting on his upper bunk tinkering with something in his helmet.

“Yes, but that’s why I’m here.” Gnat continued on, ignoring Hienrick’s raised eyebrow. “3 hours ago the ship received a message for you. It was pretty degraded and scrambled, I think it passed through some jamming of some kind. Anyway, sorry for reading your message, what little of it there is left.” Gnat tossed a data slate across the room, easily compensating for the slightly low gravity of the ship. “Here you go; for what it’s worth, your girlfriend sounds like she’s in trouble.”



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