An Inheritance of Stars

I can't belive its not it r&r

Freddy sealed the hatch behind the two departing crew members. He didn’t much care about the mercenary Thena, he’d only just met her a couple days ago. But Faust had been his traveling companion and brother in arms for several months now. It was almost sad to see him go. However he would also make sure that Thena kept her mouth shut about anything she might have seen on the ship.

The Minnow had touched down less than an hour ago on a repair facility known as Berks Scrapyard which was situated on a large planetoid being mined on the outer rim of the Inequity system. Despite some objection, Captain Ivan had insisted on putting down for a refit and resupply before moving forward further on the current objectives. Since the owner Berk apparently owed Ivan somehow, they had been allowed to land, and given a double hanger bay for their ships. It was also surprisingly private which led Freddy to believe that it was quite a favor.

Once Faust and Thena were gone, the Captain began his brief. “Ok guys, Berk here owes me big time; don’t worry about why for. The important thing is that we’ve got 1 maybe 2 weeks where nobody’s gonna bother us. We’ve also got access to a full machine shop of parts and tools we can work with. I also suspect that it wont be hard to get some weapons for those fighters if we need them as well. Those of you not working on the ship while we’re here can put in shifts on guarding the hanger, keeping tabs on Berk and his boys, and also making sure we’re geared up with whatever we’re gonna need for our next few missions. The way I see it, we’ve got a stealth fighter to get to our client on New Haven. If he is alive, I suspect he’ll pay extra for a ship that can get him off station. If not we keep it for ourselves. Of course it also might be a good idea to go after this as well.” The captain held up a data disk. “It seems that a joint effort from our comms, security, and medical officers has successfully located the research vessel which unleashed the Wild Card virus on the mining hab, and the city. If we can find a cure, or at least a vaccine, it should make our stealth delivery that much safer…and be worth a pretty penny as well.”

The looked about at the thoughtful faces of his crew (+3). “I have one other suggestion, and this one is a crew decision rather than a captain one.” He waited for acknowledgment from everyone before continuing. “We’ve currently got two stealth ships, and a contract to turn in only one. The second ship; do we finish outfitting it as a stealth fighter? Sell the stealth generator tech? Or; and this is my suggestion, do we attempt to remove it from the fighter, and put it onto the Minnow instead. We can still outfit and keep/sell the prowler, however I think the benefit to a cloak capable Minnow goes beyond just our current mission set. Think about it for now. Before rack out give me your answer.”



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