An Inheritance of Stars

In the Hot Seat

Gnat sat at the pilots station, and absentmindedly watched the display readings. This late watch was always the most boring, with everyone asleep. Another 15 hours or so would bring them to New Haven and payment for their most recent job. She was still compiling the after action report for Ivan, but for the time being she wasn’t worrying about it. Same as she wasn’t worrying about their cargo, their own doctor seemed to think that it was important to question Drake and the man wouldn’t talk. Since the job was to recover Drake and they had done that, Gnat didn’t care much herself, but she didn’t figure she could fault the man for trying.

A soft knock at the door alerted her to company. Keying it open, she tuned to see the smiling face of Freddy Maglis, she couldn’t for the life of her understand how the “great and wise” Captain Ivan Korsogan had been duped into hiring the little con man as his chief of security. She smiled, “couldn’t sleep?”

Freddy held out a steaming cup of tea and smiled charmingly, “nope, but tea always helps me relax. Would you, like some?” He didn’t wait for an answer, but instead placed the mug in the recessed holder on her chair arm. “Any word on Gary?”

“Richard says he’ll be fine, most of his injuries looked worse than they actually were. What’s with Richard’s purple eyes?”

Freddy shrugged “I’m not sure, he said something about the people on his home world were into genetic screening at birth or something. The crazy part though was Hienrick; I mean, he not only brought a knife to a gunfight, but he won. We seem to have a crew with some special skills…” Freddy’s voice trailed off as he leaned towards Gnat, his eyes searching for signed of a spark between them. He almost breathed the words “how about you Ms Specter, what are you good at?”

Freddy’s eyes widened as she began to mimic his lean, he caught his breath as her hands pulled at his pants. In one swift action Gnat upended her mug of hut (but not scalding) tea down the front of his pants. As his eyes shot open wide she whispered “misdirection Mr Maglis, misdirection.”

Freddy muttered several hurried excuses and backed out of the bridge, ears burning as her laughter followed him from the room. She had tricked him like a common rube. Freddy made his way back to his room to change. As he walked his embarrassment faded…she had gotten the better of him yes, but that just made her a challenge, and her laughter hadn’t sounded mocking, more like she had been having fun. Maybe, just maybe….



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