An Inheritance of Stars

Lowdown on the Shakedown Run

Gnat chimed the bell to Ivan’s quarters. “Sorry for the interruption captain, but I knew you’d want the mission report once I’d finished it.” She dropped the data sheet infront of his door, and then disapeared back into her own room before Ivan, clad only in boxer shorts opened his door.

Ivan picked up the sheet, and returned to his quarters. Sprawling across the chair in front of his desk, Ivan began to read Gnat’s breakdown of the previous 3 days:

Credits Earned (inc bonus): 120,000. ship share 60,000. crew share 6000.

Crew Casualties: Garry Sphadoinkle required 4 hours of surgury for his wounds sustained. With rest he will make a full recovery. For the rest of the crew, several minor injuries, but nothing serious.

Collateral Damage:

  • Medical Facility was almost entirely destroyed by Hulik’s explosive devices, and subsequent chain reaction.
  • No civilian casualties or injuries. Civilians were returned to the spaceport and released unharmed.
  • 5 of 7 guards (including the commander) were killed. Reports planet-side indicate that 5 badly burned body’s were found in the wreckage.
  • 1 medium sized cargo truck with weapon mount was destroyed by Faust’s share of the explosives. the explosion was apparently used as a successful diversion

Mission Resources (some of this has already been spread throughout/claimed by the crew):

  • 1 (new) bacta tank with a full 300L of bacta.
  • shield replacement parts (enough to up grade slightly or almost fully rebuild/repair.
  • 1 month of MRE ration packs, and 2 weeks potable water (not necessary but will offset resupply costs.)
  • approximately 200kg (or 2000 credits) of of basic pharmaceutical supplies, with basic equipment for a very small and basic lab.
  • materials to fill 6 medpacks, 12 medkits, and 2 surgical kits.
  • 1 combat suit, and 2 flack jacket/helmet suits.
  • 1 blaster rifle.
  • 1 heavy blaster pistol.
  • 6 blaster pistols.
  • 4 frag grenades.
  • 1 data tablet.
  • 10 blank data disks.
  • 3 vibro knives.
  • 6 shoulder worn comms devices.
  • 1 wireless video camera.

Extra Notes:

  • unknown to the employer, a second copy of Doctor Drake’s encrypted data files was made. The time stamp matches the doctors own copy, so the two were likely made almost simultaneously and the doctor didn’t notice. If more effort had been made to conceal it, I wouldn’t have noticed. As it is, I’ve ensured that client’s data does not reflect the copy. I don’t yet know who has the extra copy.
  • the crew was apparently able to talk their way around an obviously burning truck in order to convince the Umbra delivery truck to still make its drop. The majority of the value from the “extras” comes from this aspect of the mission.
  • the Doctor and I were unsuccessful in getting any information out of Doctor Drake before we handed him over to the client. As it is he was delivered in perfect condition as requested.
  • I attempted to scan the security files of the medical center commander; since we didn’t get the same quality of copy as Drake’s info, I couldn’t do much, however I did find a Pharma Corp logo on one of the files. It might be nothing, or something.


Ivan finished reading the breakdown; he had already heard everybody’s telling of the event, but in terms of the ship and profit, it was good to see the final breakdown like this. He smiled; his new crew had performed well and adapted to changing circimstances and danger to complete their mission. It would likely still take some time before they were really acting together as a team, but these past few days seemed to be a good start.



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