An Inheritance of Stars

my unimpressive results

It was interesting to have done this all by myself no longer under my masters watchful eye. this man, Patches O’Holahan had been successful at resisting my mind probe attempts. but i have all the time in the world to get the information i need from him and i have finally got it. He let the captain know all the important information he had torn from him.

as he returns to his quarters, he remembers the Lady Jaquelyn constant displeasure with his results, but she needs to understand this about ind probing: Is is a matter of time not of pure will. we were taught that the greatest minds will chip and crack as long as you constantly work at it. Lady Jaquelyn suggested using a rusty spoon to extract the information. But my tool was much more painful and like beating a man with phone-books, it leaves no mark.

Maybe i should let her know this and not assume she already knows?

“perhaps another time” he says quietly as he enters his quarters…



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