An Inheritance of Stars

New Friends

“Thank you, Mr. Faust, for escorting me” Captain Ivan said as he took the elevator back up to the ship. “You sure that I can’t convince you of that drink? Da?”

“Thank you Captain but no, I saw a few thing, on our way back through the market that I want to pick up.” Faust replied.

“Just make sure to be back here soon. New job, maybe in few days. “ the Captain stumbled back into the ship.

Hienrick walked through the market, what he had told the Captain hadn’t been totally untrue. He had seen many items in the market that he thought would be great to have, but he had to focus on gathering the equipment and items that he would need to rebuild his kit. He needed the armour, and the mask at least.

Hienrick walked into an Explorer’s shop, it was packed with a random assortment of people, most looked slightly impoverished in some way. Skinny due to lack of nutrients, equipment looked dirty or rusted, and all of them had that slightly ‘out there’ look in their eyes, that made them dangerous. It was also packed with various bit of cast off equipment, and assortment sensor types, comms of various sorts, tool kits, security kits, any basic equipment a mercenary, or explorer might need was here.

Hienrick kept his one hand loosely at his side, and the other cradled in the sleeve of his duster, just his elbow in. It allowed him to look like was slightly gimped, and hide it at the same time. He went to a counter to pick up a basket to put his items in.
A man with a dark desert like complexion appeared, like magic, behind the counter, “Welcome to Omar’s Equipment Emporium, how can I help you?”

Surprised and startled, which was unusual, that ‘Omar’s?’ sudden appearance, Hienrick said, “ Show me your scout armours, your sensor packs, environmental masks, secure coms, and if you have any you long range sporting type rifles.”

“Yes, Yes, come this way” Omar, lifted the counter next to him and stepped out, “ ABDUL!!!, Omar screamed into the back as he left the counter. He continued to say something in a language that Hienrick didn’t know. There was yelling form the back in the same language.
Suddenly vibrations and the sound of footstep could be heard. Hienrick had to crane his neck as he looked up into the eyes of ‘Abdul’.

“Omar say you need help,” Abdul squinted at this small example of humanity in front of him. Abdul quickly glanced him over and noticed that the man in the duster before him was not in fact gimped. He could see the buts of two blaster pistols under the long coat that he was wearing. He also noticed that one part of the duster was stiffer than it should have been, Probably a sword or other type of vibroweapon, thought Abdul to himself. Not only that, when Abdul had entered the shop this one before him had, unconsciously fallen back into a stance that would allow him to draw any of these weapons quickly, but at the sametime allow him to gain distance quickly. He’s from the Temple, probably Vindicare trained. While not of the Temple himself, Abdul had been one of Vindicare’s most successful eyes and ears. Abdul suspected that this was Vindicare’s apprentice.

“You come, small man, I get you stuff,” he snatched the list that Omar had in his hand, and stomped down the nearest aisle.

“Trust him good sir. Never have I seen an individual able to help another so well with his purcheses.” Omar smiled at Hienrick.
Hienrick followed the large Abdul down the aisle. They first entered the area were various types of kits were.

Abdul stopped so suddenly that Hienrick almost ran into him. Abdul was squinting down at the paper in his over large hand, bringing it almost to the end of his nose.
Abdul turned around so suddenly that he almost knocked Hienrick over. Only his reflexes saved him.

“You fix own stuff, make better?” the large man asked.
It took a minute for Hienrick to realize that Abdul was asking if he was going to maintain and modify his own equipment. “Yes.”

Abdul nodded to the small man in front of him, maybe not so small after all, and smiled, “Is good, not always count on others to help. You take this kit, has good tool, good holder, see” he said, pointing, “has lock too.” He put the kit into the crate that he was holding in his other arm, and stompped off to another section of the store, as he walked he squinted at the list, and picked up various bits of things, a environmental face mask that was good for a scout, with a built in secure comms, a sensor package, various lenses, some broken helmets, “ You use these for bits inside, those still good” Abdul stated the onetime that Hienrick questioned him.

“Small bits done, now suit.” He looked down at Hienrick, his arms crossed and one hand on his chin. He made a circular motion with one giant finger. Hienrick looked at him in disbelief,

‘Really, is that necessary?” he asked. Abdul only repeated the motion. Hienrick sighed and complied with the man that, though very friendly seeming, could probably crushed his skull in less than a moment. He turned around with his arms out so that Abdul could see all sides.

When he was finished, Abdul’s grin was the largest yet. “you good small man, make Abdul happy, come, have suit for you.” They headed off to the back section where Hienrick could see various suits, pieces, bits etc. of armour laid out.

“You take this suit, good man have suit before, good man have it now.” Abdul said slightly sad, as if he had known the individual that had worn the suit previously. “Also old cloaky thing, is made of same stuff as suit. Fix holes in it? Yes?” When Hienrick nodded, Abdul nodded. He placed it in the crate with the rest of the equipment.

When Abdul turned back around he saw that Hienrick was staring intently at another part of the shop. Abdul glanced over at that section and saw group of mercenaries, bothering young female merc with different colours.

“Excuse me Abdul.” Hienrick stated. As Hienrick started to walk over to the incident, his movements started to flow, almost as if he had started to dance.

“Come one baby, come with us and we and we can give you some ‘special training’ “ One of the mercenaries insinuated. “ You will also get the best paying jobs.” His grin turning wicked.
“The only ‘special training’ that you have ever had is the five fingered, self-indulged kind, and from what I see,” as the female merc glanced down briefly, “that didn’t last long.”

As was predictable they got angry and started to move toward her. The female merc had fallen back into a fighting stance, but there were 6 of them and one of her.

What happened next surprised all of those involved. As the male mercs moved towards the female merc, a long extended slightly humming blade appeared at the necks of two men, and a blaster pistol was placed directly on the forehead of the man who had made the insinuating comments. “Now Gentlemen, I may be new to the Station, but I also believe that there is a general band on violence in the Central Atrium, in which this shop is located. I also believe that the lady behind me has quite adroitly told you to F*#K off. Now if violence does in-sue know that at least three of you will die first, and most likely the rest of you very shortly after. How do you want to play this?”

The man that had the gun against his forehead said, after gulping, “you are right, let’s go guys. “ They all backed away slowly. They got to the door they and looked back, as if to make some pithy comment, only to find that the man with the duster now had two blaster pistols aimed at them, the female merc beside him with her own blaster carbine, and one very large giant like make scowling down at them.

“you go NOW!!” Abdul said with emphasis.

As they left, Hienrick wondered if they had pissed their pants at him, or Abdul. He re-holstered his pistols.

“Thank you, I don’t know if I could have handled them all.” Said the female merc, extending her hand to Hienrick, “my name is Jack” When Hienrick raised an eyebrow, she said, “don’t ask.”
Hienrick raised his hands in defeat before him. “Perish the thought the thought” he said with a smile. “My name is Hienrick Faust.”

“Anyways, I owe you, if you need to get a hold of me, I am a friend of Abdul there. He can get a hold of me.”

“Small man now Abdul’s friend too, helped small you. Is good. You small man, still need rifle, you Jack go you finished, get sleep, call tomorrow.” Abdul stated waving a hand in the general direction of the door, as he walked off. “Come small man,” he said as Jack walked off, with a wave. “I have special for you.”

Hienrick was lead into a special closed room, “This Abdul’s room, only Abdul’s Friends come here.” He said distractedly as he started to search through a pile of crate. The room was packed with various types of weaponry. Hienrick saw combat gloves that he swore had vibro spikes on them, he saw explosives that he thought could take out a small mining station, and rifles that he would love to have.

“AH. Here is!!”
Abdul brought out a case. “This is your rifle, take it is Very good.”

Hienrick opened the case, and felt his eyes go round with awe. “Is very good, indeed.”



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