An Inheritance of Stars

Out of Sight Out of Mind

The asteroid was large, maybe 5-6km in diameter. It had obviously been tumbling about in the warp for some time, as it had accumulated a large cloud of interstellar debris which trailed along like the wake of a massive water vessel. When the asteroid emerged from the warp a little over a year ago, it was deep within the Unbeholden Reaches; far from any ships or sensor scans.

In July the asteroid drifted, unnoticed and unremarked, without direction until it came upon the system of Neveah. Here it accidentally wandered close enough to be caught by the fringes of the solar system, and dragged inward.

Last week, the asteroid entered the orbit of Neveah’s single inhabited world on an inevitable collision course. If there had been anyone watching, they might have seen a half dozen objects detach from the bulk of the asteroid, and move away under their own power; ignoring the soon to be burning world below.

This morning, before dawn…


…it was fortunate for the inhabitants of Neveah that the majority of the impact fell upon a vast wasteland which was mostly uninhabited. However the force of the meteor strike was enough to shift the planetary orbit by 1.2%, which combined with the climate shift caused by the impact, would nearly double the length and ferocity of winters to come within the next 200 years.



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