An Inheritance of Stars

Pirates and xenos and orcs, oh my OR Choices...

“Alright boys, load ’em up!” Captain Jackie shouted. “Those orcs may arrive in force at any time! You, you, and you – take yer squads into the gunship from the Fell Hand, we’re not leaving the greenies anything space-capable!” Adopting a more normal tone, she spoke to Lady Ash. “Lady Ash, I regret the necessity, but I can’t leave your ship here. Whether or not we leave you here is entirely, of course, up to you.”

One elegant eyebrow, the elegance marred by the smear of blood, rose. “Well, I can’t say as I recommend this place as a vacation resort at the moment. Except maybe to the Space Marines – although it’s a little warm.” A cool voice echoed inside Jackie’s head.

Captain Jackie grinned. “Exactly so. I can, of course, leave you here awaiting rescue by your intrepid captain. Should you choose that option, I’d recommend NOT telling him what you saw until AFTER he fetches you. Captain Fell doesn’t strike me as the sentimental sort, although I’m sure he’d order an appropriate memorial out of some of the treasure – assuming he gets it.”

Lady Ash snorted. I doubt it. I suspect we, she waved her hand in the direction of her remaining crew, are merely a passing regret – regretted only because we didn’t succeed." Distaste tinged her mental “voice”.

“In that case, Lady, I offer you the opportunity to get the hell outta here at least. Swear to me that you will no longer aid Captain Fell, that you will not attempt to escape or sabotage our efforts, and that you will reveal nothing of what you have seen to anyone that was not inside the xenos building with us. In return, we will take you with us, and let you go at the nearest convenient major nexus. After, of course, we have dealt with the good Captain and salvaged the Bountiful Harvest.” Captain Jackie smiled.

“Of course.Captain Fell deserves no loyalty from me. However, as you know, betraying one’s employer does look bad on one’s resume. Regardless of petty facts such as prior cause.”

“Naturally. Simply because others behave without honor, does not mean that we must,”said Jackie piously.“I would never ask you to act directly against him, simply do not help him and do not hinder us. I would also appreciate you not attempting to communicate with anyone outside of my ship until such a time as we arrive at said major nexus. It would be taken as a poor return for our assistance and hospitality.”

It would be a poor return indeed. After your fortuitous assistance, I can see no proper action here except to agree to your generous terms. I don’t feel like pioneering a resort here unless something is done about these pesky animals.

“Good enough for now. We can discuss…things…in further detail when we’re on the Blackberry.”

Blackberry? Lady Ash’s thought was tinged with confusion.

“Yeah. The Blackberry. My ship,” Captain Jackie said truculently. “Got a problem with that?”

Not at all. Such an…unusual name.

“Everybody’s a critic. I like it. Let us begone. " Jackie bellowed again “Move it move it move it people, I want to lift in three minutes!” She dashed for the nearest gunship, Lady Ash and her tiny group swept along with the rush of crewmen.



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