An Inheritance of Stars

Preparations: Sex and Explosions TBA

Doctors coats were wonderful, great place to hide a datapad. And a small pistol or two. A good club for Richard the Hulk was not hard to find. An hour of drinks with Freddy, and the items were easily passed under the table, and deposited in the appropriate internal pockets. And arranged for Richard to wear a black band on his arm, so the crew could tell him from the clones.

Now he made himself busy in the lab, waiting for the Clone Escape Committee, or more likely, Clever Clone, to come pick up what he had. They were much better at dodging security after all. In the meantime he busied himself with fabrications of his own. Alas, so little time… what to do… a couple pounds of explosives would go a long way to getting everyone off this level… then again… who knows when another chance to meet one of the Sokuja would come up…

The door hissed softly as Clever Clone entered. The droids outside the door ignored him as usual, standing on guard for… who knows what. Tribbles?
“You are here. I was beginning to think you changed your mind.” Richard said, turning to face him.
“Never. What could you get us?”
“Not much, a data-pad of course. You should be able to use it for communications, and of course, door hacks or whatnot. I’d considered reprogramming Dumb and Dumber over there, but it hadn’t been worth the time to do individuals. Now if someone could get to the central droid system, and perform the appropriate software updates…” he handed over the datapad, a spare blaster, and a solid steel bar. “Either way, those should get you where you need to go.”
Clever Clone nodded, and the items disappeared into his cloths. “I am a bit surprised, you seemed to be getting along so well with the deacon, i was worried you would simply ignore us. Some feared you would turn us in.”
Richard snorted at that. “Please, the Deacon is quite intelligent, and seems to be quite interested in my help, and it’s not like I am un-interested in his work… But he’s a religious fanatic. Can’t trust fanatics, they are so likely to go murderous on a whim. Speaking of work, do you think you could get into the cloning lab, either now, or during the escape?”
“Perhaps. It is one of the most secure rooms.”
“Ah a pity. I would have liked to pour a liter or two of bleach on the corps. Guess we shall have to hope with the destruction of the entire Hulk then.”
“I said perhaps, not that it is impossible. Could you not do it?”
Richard shook his head. “No, I will have to be at the auction, to rejoin my crew. There’s room for a few good men on our ship, if you can make it there. Though I suppose you have the proper set-up for your own crew?”
“We do,” Clever Clone nodded. “We have our eyes on one of the smaller ships.”
“Right. Well, let me know how that goes. Oh, this lab is fairly secure, I’ve checked, there’s no working security in the room. And it’s fairly well stocked with chemicals of all sorts. You could mix up some explosives with just the stuff in those containers over there.”
“I can do that. You are working on…?”
“I have a personal project. Whats the point of living free and unexploded if you cant enjoy the finer things in life? A woman’s sweet lips, the caress of her tail…”
Clever blinked. “What?”
“Exactly! For science, and a glorious future!” Richard exclaimed as if it was an explanation. “Access to the lab computers has been wonderful. So much information on a number of non-humanoid species.” His face clouded for a moment. “The Deacon keeps some systems locked still, mostly to do with the Clone in the other lab, and his history. Like I said, fanatic. Corpse seems to be like a god to him, or as close as humanly possible.” He brightened again. “But then, who cares about that. I am 99% positive that I have all I need to synthesize a bit of the appropriate perfume. Just enough to arouse interest, but not override sentience. I’m not a monster.”
Clever just shook his head “I don’t actually know what you are speaking about. That is rather new to me.”
“Well never-mind it then. Lets get to work.”
With that they both went to their sections. Some time later, their dialog turned more to more generic ‘shop-talk’, and bouncing ideas or questions off each other. Within a short time, they both made their way towards the door. “Well, it was a pleasure working with you. We should co-operate on future endeavors.”
“I concur. Oh, I would recommend you wait till the auction is well underway, or possibly over. I predict that once the winners for it are found, there will be chaos spreading like wildfire. Not a single one of the buyers is a good loser. I expect the security forces to be VERY distracted.”
“Of course.”

With that, thy left the lab, Richard heading to the VIP lounge, and Clever ducking behind the security drones and out of sight.



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