An Inheritance of Stars

The End of Freedom

It was late, Retread turned away from the chrono on the wall. Any moment now the results of the election would come in. The issue was “Human Rights” or at least the denial of rights to those not considered human. Retread scowled, no matter the result of the vote, it was unfair that the scum-bag of a Governor would still be considered “human.” It made him want to spit, that the man who orchestrated this sham was also making 25 credits off of each and every person who voted one way or another. It was the kind of corruption that made him want to pick up a blaster himself. Fortunately he had people for that; as if on cue with his thoughts, the door chimed. As it opened, a hideously muscled and scaled green arm preceded a figure with his face obstructed by a wide brimmed hat.

“I still don’t know why you do that.” Stated Retread, “Your face is fine, but you hide it, and flaunt that arm.”

“It just proves that there are things you still don’t know.” The tone of voice did nothing to hide the owners dislike for the man in front of him.

“You may not like me detective, but you heard the Governor last week. It doesn’t matter if his son is alive or not. He plans to destroy this city and all of its occupants within the next two weeks.”

Detective Carter didn’t like that the information broker was right, but it didn’t change anything about the situation. Without acknowledging the other’s comment, he continued. “I don’t think we can withstand any kind of major assault on the city. But crews have blocked off most of the conventional ship docking berths and access points. It wont stop someone from cutting through the hull, or a missile bombardment, but it’ll slow down anything short of full military action. We’ve also been repairing and preparing all of the ships left intact within the docking rings. They cant get out with the barricades in place, but when we blow them, I think we have a chance of evacuating from 100k – 150k people. Its not even 10% of the people in the city, but its something.”

“If they can make it past the warships blockading the station.” Commented Retread bitterly. “Some of the people who developed powers will be able to assist in the evacuation, but very few are capable of affecting a space battle. Most of them are helpless unless we are actually boarded.”

“And if the enemy gets on board, they’ll do their best to blow our reactor. Its not an ideal situation.” Admitted the former Detective. “In fact its pretty damn shitty. But as much as I don’t like you, you’re this cities best shot at making it through this. So stop feeling sorry for yourself, and use your contacts, your Intel, and that supposedly genius brain of yours, and figure out how we’re going to make it through this.” By the time he was finished, Carter was flushed from the passion of his speech.

Retread waited a moment before speaking. The gestured towards a small blinking red light on his terminal. “Are you quite finished? While you are correct of course, and I don’t want to burst your bubble, it seems that the news has come in. According to this report here, the vote passed. As of Midnight on December 1st it was voted to abolish any and all rights of those beings not considered human. This law includes any and all xenos races which do not possess the human genotype. Humans who have mutated beyond acceptable tolerances for racial purity. Androids and robotic entities without human DNA. There is an exception for cyber sapiens beings which retain at least a human brain and genetic material. ….It looks like we’ve got out work cut out for us.”



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