An Inheritance of Stars

Wait what?

Hulik performed a last-minute inspection of her droid minions, ensuring they were all in perfect working order. “Hey Murph, Naomi knows verses of the Ball of Kerrymuir I’ve never heard before!. I’m going to have to get her to teach them to me. She and Garry know some awesome drinking songs.”
Two self-deploying limpet mine rats, two general purpose rats, and one tiny repair/infiltration wasp.

She began going over her personal items. Toolkit, with tiny welder, check. Blaster pistol, check. She frowned at it, thinking “I screwed up badly, I don’t want to be someplace I have to use this. That usually means people are shooting at ME. And on that thought…” Hulik layered on a suit of light combat armour. A couple of datapads and cards loaded with malware went into her utility pockets, to await…creative use.

Hulik went to give Anita final instructions on how to set up to blow the docking clamps. “Preset as much as you can, and I’ll leave you one of my rats to help cut. The faster we’re loose the faster we can blow this popsicle stand.” Wondering briefly what a popsicle might be, she headed to meet with the rest of the group.



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