Lady Jaquelyn Dominique Marguerite Ramirez Benton-Chou Dawson

AKA Captain Jackie Daw, with an affinity for shiny and/or odd curios and a willingness to brave new experiences to get them


Lady Jaquelyn is one of the few survivors of the Dawson sept of the Benton-Chou trade dynasty. She survived a High Vendetta declared against her clan, in fact was directly responsible for its settlement due to whispered atrocities. The vendetta being settled to the satisfaction of the Benton-Chou’s, at any rate, her continued presence became somewhat of an embarrassment. However, the House has its honour, and so she was given a ship, a Warrant of Trade, and leave to choose a crew. This suited Lady Jaquelyn just fine – the chance for wealth and knowledge beat the heck out of being the inconvenient relation, grudgingly supported.

Thus the intrepid Captain Jackie Daw was born – her full name and title being far to long to shout in a brawl, not to mention attracting the wrong sort of attention.

Commander of the vessel Blackberry.

Lady Jaquelyn Dominique Marguerite Ramirez Benton-Chou Dawson

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