Freddy Maglis

Quick of the wit, quick of the toung, quick hands, and quick to run - life on the road. - PC by Bale


What a man truly wants he must get. If he cannot buy it, he must trade for it; If he cannot trade for it he must relocate it; if he cannot relocate it he must misappropriate it.

If that don’t work, take it and run.

Freddy was born on a lunar colony of Zetyh 3 to parents in a commune farm on the terraformed lunar surface. Growing up he had the run of the farm, always able to get what he wanted from the farm folk with a quick smile, and quickly learned that fast talk payed off much better then hard labour.

From a young age he began working with the farms noble overlord and supervisor for a few years before a Thaelian plague outbreak killed almost everyone on the farm and rendered the communes land barren. With almost everyone he knew dead and his future uncertain fate chose to smile on young Freddy when he came across a old message from his uncle in his parents belongings which said he had taken work on Mining Colony Setis Gemini 5.

His uncle Peter John Maglis had excelled in his career on the asteroid and since that last message had been promoted to the mines Foreman and Lead engineer. When Peter heard of his nephews plight he agreed to help his kin and sent him enough money to secure passage to the colony and took him in as a new hand on the colony.

Life settled into a familiar pattern for young Freddy for a few years, learning both the mechanical and personal operations of the mining station and he became almost invaluable to his uncle who preferred to drink and gamble to work whenever he could get away with it.

Several years after his move to his new life with his uncle calamity struck again in young Freddy’s life when a catastrophic and unexplained failure occurred in the colony’s main fusion reactor causing a total systems failure. Many were killed in the initial blast and as far as he can tell only Freddy was able to get into an escape pod in time and launch it before those systems failed too.

Lost adrift in the universe again with only the clothes on his back and the escape pod he was in, Freddy set out to show the universe that nothing would stop him from getting ahead in life and making the place he was meant to be. Trading the escape pod for some basic needs and taking on work where he could Freddy began his journey between the stars.

For his actions on-board the Morpheus Freddy was rewarded by High Admiral Chode and Winterscales Realm. His family name was pardoned, and Freddy eventually rose to the rank of Admiral within the Royal Navy. Despite having given up his own claim to political rule on his home world, the Von Gediminid name remained as the most noble house on the planet. With Freddy’s influence, the Galenis system was also chosen to host one of the Star Kingdom’s first Space Marine Chapters.

In his 117th year, Admiral Freddy was wounded beyond the possibility of recovery in a boarder engagement between Winterscales Realm and the Foundling Worlds. With no Cyber-sapien body available, Freddy found himself modled into the first of the Jade Omega Dreadnaughts.

Freddy Maglis

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