Garry Sphadoinkle

See pic. PC by Vorrek


Gary is a former member of the Frezian PDF. He had problems with his commanding officer. Basically he thinks hes a douche bag. After a fight, Garry was court marshaled. Garry escaped custody and escaped his planet and now lives on the run. Now he floats around in his small ship looking for strawberry strudels and ale to eat and drink. But always bored otherwise. He always keeps his guns clean with strawberry strudel cheese, since he ran out of gun oil along time ago. He likes puppies and they keep him happy. He has multiple large jars of pickled kiwis on board but he never eats them, but he can and its kind of a hobby. He listens to death metal music and enjoys drinking mead and ale. He has a scar on his right shoulder because he pissed off his sister and she stabbed with a knife for melting her Teddy Ruxpin’s face off with battery acid when he was 9. Now he starting he life off as a mercenary. . . and this is where his story starts.

After the events on the Morpheus, Gary accompanied his comrades to Winterscales Realm where he and Naomi worked for some years as mercenaries before settling down and starting a life together.

Garry Sphadoinkle

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