Hienrick Faust

Dedicated to an Ideal, seen by few. - Presumed Dead. - PC by SneakyShadowGuy


He normally wears a long ‘Cowboy like’ trench coat, with a holster containing a matched set of pistols. A pack on his back contains almost everything he has in life. His ‘work cloths’ are much more sinister.


Hienrick Faust has been a Aspirant of the Vindicare Temple for as long as he can remember. Trained by the Lord Vindicare himself, cross trained in some of the other Temples techniques, he never knew he was being trained and enhanced for a special purpose. Only recently, after his last test, has the Load Vindicare alluded to the fact of why he was trained in such a fashion, away from others of his Temple, and the other Temples.

Lord Vindicare suspected that there was corruption of some sort seeping through the ranks of the Brotherhood. He had used some of the most traditional methods of training combined with new technology to allow for Hienrick’s ‘creation’. He left with the warning that if he were to die within a certain span of time, Hienrick was to escape the station and hide. He gave Hienrick a small cube that he said would help Hienrick guide his way, and if necessary help describe the steps for the creation, of some of the higher levels of equipment, techniques, and contacts that Lord Vidicare had secreted on and around various worlds, ships, stations etc.

If Lord Vindicare were to die, it was Hienrick’s mission to carry-on the true meaning of the Brotherhood.

Hienrick was present during the ill fated auction on the Morpheus; it is generally assumed that he never escaped.

Hienrick Faust

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