Hulik varEldel brenn Kwannon

Shipborn - descended from the crew of generation ships...that are still running the few that are left. - PC by Karraku


Hulik is half Shipborn, only child of the hereditary Captain of the generation ship Kwannon, a venerable wreck plying the farther reaches of space. At this point in time, the crews are almost a separate race, since they are somewhat xenophobic and very rarely (read never) go planetside. The generation ships, what few are left, are pretty much relegated to bulk hauling around the fringes of the galaxy. And it doesn’t pay all that well. There isn’t always the credit to replace what needs replacement, so it’s fix it, or do without.

Hulik’s mother, Meris, as Captain of the Kwannon, had noted a pair of vital issues – firstly, the crew was shrinking rapidly in numbers. Rising infertility and levels of birth defects meant the crew was no longer self-sustaining – they HAD to find a source of new genes. Secondly, the ship was beginning to crumble around them. There weren’t enough credits to buy either the time in the docks the ship would require, nor a new ship. Not that anyone built Genships anymore.

Her proposed solution to this was radical. To take in selected spacers to join the Crew, as had not been done in centuries. And to take in selected trade partners from dirtside corporations in order to earn desperately needed cash.

Meris was not going to ask her crew to do anything she was unwilling to do, so she found herself a willing dirtfoot-gone-spacer and conceived Hulik. None of the Crew followed suit.

Hulik herself grew up among few other children, and half of them were handicapped or sickly in some way or another. Hulik was bigger than most even as a baby (too big, a drain on the Ship, whispered some) and amazingly healthy. With few in her peer group, and coolly ignored by most of the Crew, she turned to tinkering. Her one friend was an elderly, half-blind maintenance technician. Assisting him taught her enough to survive past The Thing.

The Thing. Shorthand to avoid thinking about any details at all. The mutiny and resultant setting adrift of the heretic captain and her unwanted progeny. The terrible days when they realized that there was not enough of anything for them to reach anyplace they could be rescued. The agony of finding her mother dead by her own hand, and the echoing loneliness after, they all could be glossed over.

Life and hope returned in the form of the light transport Hobson’s Choice. Hobson had picked up the emergency beacon, and come to see if there was anything worth credits lying about. He was terribly disappointed to discover that there was no-one he could claim a rescue fee/ransom for. He claimed the emergency pod for salvage, and resolved to drop the inconvenient child off at the nearest port. Hulik, being fourteen instead of the eight or ten she looked, promptly began making herself useful.

By the time they reached a port big enough to have an orphanarium, Hobson’s ship was in a shape he’d never seen. The funky smell in the aft of the cargo hold was gone, the door to the head opened smoothly, and the galley oven no longer overheated. Hobson kept Hulik, let her live aboard his ship in return for her services as a mechanic and grease monkey.

After the events on the Morpheus, Hulik remained on the Cobra and forged a friendship with the ship’s spirit [[:murphy-the-miner | Murphy]. With her existing believe in the existence of the Machine God Hulik was an ideal initiate to the Imperium Tech-Priests when the Emperor’s will game to the Argylian Expanse.

After decades of rising through the ranks of the priesthood, Hulik and Murphy began to take long wandering voyages across the expanse, and contact became infrequent. Within the next dozen years, the Cobra was only spotted a half-dozen times. Eventually the ship disappeared with its eccentric pilot and was presumed lost. The last sighting took place 73 years ago.

Hulik varEldel brenn Kwannon

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