Naomi Warren

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My earliest memory is running in a field, through tall stalks of corn, the scorching, bright sun shining down on me. My parents, I think they must have been my parents, are calling my name, telling me not to run too far away from them. Then I hear explosions, loud noises, screaming and everything goes black.

The next memories I have are of the orphanage. A lot of kids lost their parents and the unlucky ones ended up in St. Xavier’s Orphanage on City Downs, the orbital city. Those sadistic bastards claimed they were educating the poor orphans who had no one else, they would help them be productive members of society. Those sadistic bastards used us kids for slave labour in nearby factories. They barely fed us, schooling was given but after reading, writing and arithmetic, they didn’t feel anything else was worth teaching unless it helped in working in the factory. Physical beatings were given on a regular basis. The worst was solitary confinement when we weren’t on the job or eating. It was torture. I spent several years at that orphanage. I almost lost hope but I decided I had to take control of my own life and somehow get free. Growing up there, in order to get enough food to eat, I had to sneak out of my locked room during the night. So I developed a knack for evading my captors and learned lockpicking, disabling locks and other stealth and perception skills.

One night, I managed to gather up enough food and other supplies and escaped to the streets. I managed on my own for a while, but knew it was a matter of time before they found me again. I found a thieves gang that was comprised of kids and teenagers. They saw some talent in me I guess and taught me more about stealing, sneaking around and how to be fast and stealthy and not get caught.

There was a clinic in the slums run by a charity. They were sweet doctors and nurses. I’m sure they didn’t get paid very much. They were supposed to be supported by the same factories that the orphanage supplied labour for, but they never got much support and were chronically underfunded. They worked tirelessly; they never gave up on the people in my neighbourhood. They wanted to cure diseases and feed the people, especially the children. They had soup kitchens and if it wasn’t for those a lot of us wouldn’t have survived. They saved a lot of us including me when diseases would sweep through the settlements. So I know there are some doctors that want to help people, not hurt them. If it wasn’t for those doctors, I wouldn’t be here.

So I ran with this crew for a while, learning the trade. I developed some special skills, including opening locks from a distance with a gun. It was helpful when we wanted to unlock the doors, but come back later to do the actual robbery. We supported the clinic and their soup kitchens by stealing many a shipment of food. Food that was earmarked for the rich and powerful. But this eventually caught up to us and a lot of us were arrested and sentenced to prison. I wouldn’t be imprisoned against my will again, so I escaped and managed to get hired by a mercenary company who was recruiting for jobs on medical and other ships. I figured it was time to use my skills for a legitimate career and it would be a good idea to get out of the area for a while. I still haven’t been back. I decided to take a job on the Cobra, a warship that had been converted into a medical ship. It seemed like a pretty safe job, medical ships usually were right.

After the events on the Morpheus, Naomi accompanied her comrades to Winterscales Realm where she and Gary worked for some years as mercenaries before settling down and starting a life together.

Blue Sun Entertainment is an adult entertainment company that was established in Winterscales by Naomi Warren and her husband Garry Spadoinkle. It now operates in the Republic of the Foundling Worlds and the Star Kingdom of Winterscale’s realm and beyond in the in the Argylian Expanse. It is made up of several different branches.

One branch engages in publishing and digital media. They operate several adult entertainment channels and are also behind several adult entertainment production studios including the distribution of the various media produced.

One branch serves as an event management company for the adult entertainment world. It is responsible for various adult entertainment publications. It is also organizes exhibits and conventions like adult entertainment expos and adult entertainment awards.

Another branch operates a very successful strip club franchise, Blue Sun Entertainment Club, across the various systems. They seem to be ubiquitous in most populated areas including areas where government, medical, scientific, military or large corporations are concentrated.
There is also a branch which consists of a very successful bakery franchise Spadoinkle Strudels. A Spadoinkle Strudels has expanded throughout the various systems and can also be found in almost every Blue Sun Entertainment Club.

Blue Sun Entertainment continues to be a family run business with the current CEO being a direct descendent of Naomi and Garry, Lily Spadoinkle.

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