Prince Dresden Winterscale


Dresden and his twin sister Alyssiawere born approximately 18 standard years ago. Their mother Queen Rossetta used stored genetic material from their deceased father, and due to her age, had them carried to term in a surrogate. After their birth, Dresden and Alyssiahad them sent off-world in order to be raised and educated. Over the years since their birth, the twins have met their mother only a dozen times. However since last cycle, they have been called home to Jerazol to learn the ways of the Court until one of them is chosen heir to the Star Kingdom.

Dresden has grown up with the stories and ideals of honor and tradition. He has a strong sense of justice and firmly intends to help his people regardless of his status as heir.

After the passing of his mother Queen Rossetta Winterscale IV in 7026, Prince Dresden assumed the throne of Winterscales Realm. King Dresden was considerd a kind and just ruler, very much equal to his mothers prestigious footsteps. After 130 years on the throne, the aged King abdicated in the year 7156, and passed the throne on to his eldest son Goram Winterscale. King Dresden passed away peacefully in his sleep in the year 7160 at the age of 167.

Prince Dresden Winterscale

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