Queen Rossetta Winterscale IV

Former Queen of Winterscale's Realm


Her Royal Highness Queen Rossetta IV has served as ruler of the Star Kingdom for almost 88 years. Although she has made use of rejuve treatments, the Queen still appears aged. She maintains a powerful sense of dignity and grace, but her 146 years lie heavily on her.

Queen Rossetta passed on in the year 7026 and was succeeded by her son Dresden Winterscale.


Since ascending the Winterscale Throne at age 58, Queen Rossetta’s rule has been peaceful and just. She is a fair and equitable ruler who has for 88 years of rule, promoted peace and understanding between the worlds of the Expanse.

Now in her 146th year and in declining health,the decision to select her heir has become more necessary. Since Rossetta’s husband and king died without fathering a successor, the Queen instead defied tradition, and had his genetic material stored until such time as an heir would be needed. Though the dates are unclear, the Queen had two children carried to term by surrogate, and raised in secrecy for just such a time. She must now choose between:

Alyssia Winterscale & Dresden Winterscale, fraternal twins born approximately 18 years ago

Queen Rossetta Winterscale IV

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