This powerfully built cyber-sapien once looked perfectly human, however decades of rough use and irregular maintenance have left the body looking like a nightmarish robotic skeleton wearing a human-like shroud.


Schwartz took his own name based on first sound of his existence, a high pitched electrical shriek coming from inside himself. He bears no memory of his life before his Cyber-body, however he has been told that he was an honorable soldier for several years both before and after his “transformation.”

Since the sound which has defined him, Schwartz certainly hasn’t felt like a former war hero. He found himself without direction, loyalty, or morality. With his soldier model body and years of ingrained experience, he quickly found employment as a mercenary and criminal.

Eventually Schwartz was captured by a young Sergent (at the time) Chode. He was tried and convicted of hundreds of charges, yet somehow avoided a death sentence. Schwartz lived for 56 years in prison before he managed to escape; killing 6 guards and 3 inmates on his way.

Over the past decade reports of Schwartz’s mayhem have been received in both the Star Kingdom and the Republic, and he maintains a standing bounty of 15 million credits dead, or 25 million alive.

Also rumours persist of Schwartz being somehow present or involved in the Mining Colony Setis Gemini 5.


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