Xander Cain


Even in New Haven a scavenger gang like the Cockroach Crew needs an enforcer. In this case that person would be Xander Cain. Dressed in a black coverall, and with a mowhawk in honor of his debt to Donny Cash, Xander’s scared face makes for the finishing touch on an ice cream sundae of intimidation.


Xander’s nationality of origin is unknown, and he has never been known to talk about his past, however the extensive scars on his face give the impression of a difficult life. 11 years ago Xander’s life was saved by Donny Cash when the young 8 year old risked his own life to crawl over a shaky ventilation duct in order to pass him a shard of metal to pick the locks that bound Xander to a death by starvation or by rat mobbing. Since that time, Xander has watched over and protected the young gangster.

Xander Cain

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