Argylian Expanse

Until the Cauldron opens again, the only exit from the Argylian Expanse is by way of the Koronus Passage. It is a treacherous but navigable route through the great warp storms that bar passage to the way station of Port Wander.

The Argylian Expanse is a sheltered area of safety in the midst of an enourmous cluster of galactic Warp Storms. Inside it is a scattered, partially explored sector of space containing a the remainder of human kind. Warp Gates have been built close to the few known hyperspace routes in the area between the Cauldron and the Koronus Passage. Here, great space-faring nations maneuver for control of resource-rich worlds to exploit, alien ruins are excavated by interplanetary corporations, trade envoys meet with planetary lords, and the brave and stupid attempt colonies upon sheltered worlds. These efforts have been enough to shower wealth and fame upon the fortunate — and to make corpses of the rest.

Beyond the station of Port Wander deep space is littered with broken vessels and tales of the vanished. Beyond the Koronus Passage, lie truly dark and dangerous voids, rife with rumored terrors, undiscovered stars, and worlds of men who have never known peace. There are no defined warp-routes, no safe ways through the swirling mists of hyperspace.

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Argylian Expanse

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