Name: Baraban
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Forrest, Mountains
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: Normal
Diameter: 13,425km diameter
Length of Day: 32hrs
Length of Year: 466 days
Sentient Species: Human, Kroot, Tau
Language: Basic, Kroot, Tau
Population: no civilian population. approximately 100,000 human troops, and an unknown number of Kroot and Tau.
Government: -
Major Exports: -
Major Imports: -
System/Star: Baraban

Baraban is located in the Heathen Stars, but due to is stats as an active war zone, and its lack of civilian government it is not considered an active member in the Confederation of Fringe Worlds.

Baraban’s geography is dominated by deciduous forests. The north-eastern and south eastern continents are typical temperate ecosystems with four distinct seasons. The smaller, western continent is distinguished by several mountain ranges and lower prevalent temperatures due to the elevation. Occasional accounts suggest the ruins of a prior civilization may underlie the forest terrain, but no formal exploration has ever been made as the planet is an active battlefront.

At any time several regiments are active on Baraban. Major footholds exist on each continent, although the shifting of territorial lines means that many bunkers and trenches built over the war’s history are now in enemy possession. The four largest stable Imperial Holdings are Fort Avernus, and the Epsilon Garrison on the northeast continent. Fort Dorn on the southeast continent, and Faithspyre Station in the western mountains.

Enemy forces are primary Kroot and Vespid employing guerrilla tactics, with little evidence of Tau leadership. Despite the apparent lack of organization the enemy, the Imperial Guard has been unable to maintain a stable advantage.


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