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Blue sun

Blue Sun Entertainment is an adult entertainment company that was established in Winterscales by Naomi Warren and her husband Garry Spadoinkle. It now operates in the Republic of the Foundling Worlds and the Star Kingdom of Winterscale’s realm and beyond in the in the Argylian Expanse. It is made up of several different branches.

One branch engages in publishing and digital media. They operate several adult entertainment channels and are also behind several adult entertainment production studios including the distribution of the various media produced.

One branch serves as an event management company for the adult entertainment world. It is responsible for various adult entertainment publications. It is also organizes exhibits and conventions like adult entertainment expos and adult entertainment awards.

Another branch operates a very successful strip club franchise, Blue Sun Entertainment Club, across the various systems. They seem to be ubiquitous in most populated areas including areas where government, medical, scientific, military or large corporations are concentrated.
There is also a branch which consists of a very successful bakery franchise Spadoinkle Strudels. A Spadoinkle Strudels has expanded throughout the various systems and can also be found in almost every Blue Sun Entertainment Club.

Blue Sun Entertainment continues to be a family run business with the current CEO being a direct descendent of Naomi and Garry, Lily Spadoinkle.

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Blue Sun Entertainment

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