Due to the immense distances involved in space travel, communications is a fundamentally important technology for the advancement of civilization.

Within the Argylian Expanse, common technology enables real-time video or voice conversation within the span of a single solar system, or within 10x the range of a ships sensors if not. Hypertransceiver capable ships are able to transmit recorded messages to farther distances (within the range of 1 square on the sector map). These transmissions travel at a rate of 1 hour being equal to 1 day on the sector map. All other communication must be via saved message on a courier ship, or on the beacon network.

In advanced star systems, the warp beacon network enables citizens to communicate over long distances. The recorded data travels from Warp Gate node to node. The message travels at a “speed ratio” of 1 day on the sector map equating to 1 hour of message travel.

A standard Comms system can communicate approximately 50km distance.
A Subspace Transceiver permits communication across a planetary solar system.
A Hypertransceiver permits communication across Hyperspace (communication delay time noted above)
A Holonet transceiver relays on the fixed positions of Warp Gates and provides near instant communications across the beacon network. (for communication between connected gates, calculate the distance as half. Message time is calculated on 1 hour/day of travel. Communication within 1 map square becomes instantaneous.

Since the Imperium became known to the Expanse at large, mankind’s former allies the Gray have severed their connections with the race of man and its increasingly xenophobic beliefs, and begun a war for survival. In the year 7027 the Gray struck a massive blow against mankind and the entire Expanse; they somehow disabled the gate system. Since their attack, none of the Gates are known to function as a portal between the Warp and Real-space. In the intervening years since the attack, many gates have either been destroyed or “salvaged” for their materials and technical components. The few gates that do remain continue to function as warp beacons, however without the network as a whole, their functionality is limited. As such, now only warp capable ships are able to travel the void between stars; ships without a hyper-drive are now limited to travel within their solar system, or they must be prepared to travel for years between stars.

This incident affected sector communications as well. Since so many gates are destroyed or disabled long distance communications are far more difficult. Many “routes” no longer exist, and others are cut off from the net as well. Currently the most “reliable” form of long distance communication is through Astropathic means.


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