Name: Dolorium
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Urban, Oceans, Forest
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: Standard
Diameter: 12,749km
Length of Day: 25 hours
Length of Year: 371 standard days
Sentient Species: Human, Leviathan
Language: Basic
Population: 2.8 billion
Government: The Foundling Worlds
Major Exports: Raw Materials, Foodstuffs, Scientific Research
Major Imports: High Tech, Luxury Goods
System/Star: Dolorium
-Solag/Searing Rock/0
-Corulon/Gas Giant/7
-Biolar/Gas Giant/15

The planet features a varied climate – ice caps at the poles, tropics at the equator, the usual range of moderate climates in between them. Three smallish continents – Restoria, North Kallis, and South Kallis – are all located in the southern hemisphere, and share the same cycle of seasons.

The landmasses, at least in the undeveloped areas are covered in forests of sturdy bamboo. Dolorium bamboo grows fast and thick, and its all but impassible except on foot or in special bulldozer craft equipped to fell tall stalks as they move. On this world land dwelling creatures tend to be small and limber, allowing them to thrive in the impenetrable growth.

The oceans of Dolorium are a vast bounty, fish, plant, and animal life abound, many inhabitants make a living from its harvest. Within the northern oceans live one of Dolorium’s greatest treasures – the sentient deep sea dwelling creatures known as Leviathans. These massive creatures are rarely seen, however they do occasionally make themselves known to individuals or small groups of people. They are viewed as guardians of the oceans, and protective spirits of the planet.

Dolorium’s second element of scientific interest is its proximity to the nebula known as Kains Abyss. With the nebula close enough to be seen with the naked eye, Dolorium became the ideal place to establish Astrological Research facilities. Between the Leviathans and the nebula, the planet has developed into somewhat of a research hotbed, and numerous other facilities can be located across the surface and within the oceans.


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