Fall of Mankind

According to legend passed from generation upon generation.

Mankind did not always live amongst the stars. It once sprang up from a singe world called Terra. From this first home, mankind moved into space and spread forth among the bounty of the stars. It was a wondrous age of enlightenment and achievement; of brotherhood and peace. Then one day, another species was encountered in the far reaches humanity’s known space. Rejecting initial attempts to communicate, the Enemy attacked without mercy. They never once communicated, they only killed. World upon world fell, and mankind seemed powerless to defend itself. Then one day a miracle; the discovery of one of the greatest secrets of the universe, the secret of black hole travel. Though this secret was never passed on; mankind was able to gather it’s shattered remnants to make one massive jump, to retreat from annihilation.

It was the beginning of a new era. Traveling far from known human space, mankind exited the black hole into the Argylian Expanse by way of the Caldron. Here inside a stable pocket of space, hidden amongst a cluster of massive warp storms; mankind rebuilds itself. Legends say that one day the Great Enemy will return, and mankind will this time be triumphant to take its place amongst the Galaxy.

Recent events have taught humanity that mankind not only survived the Grenn invasion, but has since rebuilt and spread throughout the stars once again. When word of the survival of mankind, and the existence of the Imperium of Man reached the Argylian Expanse, mankind overwhelmingly welcomed back its lost brothers, and embraced the Emperor’s Rule.

Fall of Mankind

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