Lucins Breath

Name:Lucins Breath
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Urban, Mountain, Forest, Ocean
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: Standard
Diameter: 14,783km
Length of Day: 22 standard hours
Length of Year: 405 standard days
Sentient Species: Human
Language: Basic, Chinese, Russian
Population: 8.5 Billion
Government: Winterscales Realm
Major Exports: Spaceships, Repulsor Tech,
Major Imports: Various
System/Star: Lucin
Shella/Searing Rock/0
Danzer/Gas Giant/2
Lucins Breath/Terrestrial/1
Poica/Gas Giant/19
Ithona/Gas Giant/3
Kodasta/Ice Ball/2
Permellis/Ice Ball/14

Home to the Winterscale Royal Engineers, Lucins Breath is one of the primary shipyards of the Winterscales Kingdom.

40% of Lucins Breath is covered by a single large ocean. The remaining landmass is heavily forested and mountainous. Since level ground tends to be rare, cities are either buried below mountains, floating on the ocean, or suspended between mountain peaks like giant tents which extend downwards towards the ground below.

The Lucin system has 2 large gas giants perfect for gas mining, and 2 massive ice balls which supply orbital water to ships and the shipyards.

Lucins Breath

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