see campaign map “The Minnow”

The Minnow is a former pleasure yacht won by Captain Ivan Korsogan in a game of cards against Larz Nagino.

The Minnow is a Small sized Space Transport.
Length 45m, Mass: 150 Tonnes.
Crew: 3-5, Life-support: 15
Cargo Capacity: 75 Tonnes, Consumables: 9 Months.
Hyperdrive: x2, Back-up: x8
Ion Engines: Ramming.
Superstructure: 100, Shield Generators: 100
DR 10, Armor 10.

Weapons Suit:
*1x Quad Laser Cannon: 6d10x2, short range, Gunner turret.
*1x small concealed concussion missile launcher: 8d10x2, point blank range. 3 shots, externally loaded.
*1x Ion Cannon: Med Range, Rear Facing, co-pilot control.
*1x personnel weapon – heavy repeating blaster, powered by ship engines, mounted beside the cargo lift.


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