Ancient ship

Class: Original Designation Earth Colony Ship. Current Designation Space Hulk
Origin: Earth
Last Known Location: Originally Located at the New Eden Museum of Star Travel. Lost in the Warp since the Exodus of Humanity
Status: Decommissioned for Museum and then Refurbished for Escape. Currently lost drifting within the Warp. Reports indicated the Hulk is now a compilation of approximately 2 dozen wrecked ships which had merged with the Morpheus in its centuries of drift.

The Earth Sleeper Ship Morpheus was the very first sleeper ship ever built by mankind in its quest for the stars. Construction began in earth orbit, at the Hephestus starship construction yard in the year XXXX, and was completed nearly a decade later in XXXX. A massive ship, and at the time the cutting edge of human technological knowledge, it was a city in its own right, housing nearly 5 million cryo-pods, freezers with enough food supplies to last till crops could be raised, and all the machinery required to build a permanent colony capable of supporting its population.

The Morpheus itself, named after the ancient Greek god of sleep, is 8.4 kilometers in length, and 2.6 kilometers wide. Its propulsion system is the very first post-chemical engine design made, being one of the few nuclear drives designed and put into service before hyperspace travel was discovered. Its voyage to the star system Proxima Centaury was to take 100 years, and as all pioneer endeavors, carried great risk of failure.

Even so, there where many millions who wished to become the first to colonize a planet beyond Sol. After the volunteers where culled for health and skills necessary for the success of a colony, they where chosen by lottery. There was at the time significant uproar over whether the lottery had been rigged. See document HX-M-L12 for more information on this issue.

Of the 50 sleeper ships sent out from earth before the advent of hyperspace engines and FTL, only 12 ever made it to their targets, and only the Morpheus managed to reach its destination and establish a permanent colony before the newer FTL ships made it obsolete. The rest of the sleeper ships arrived at their destination, only to find newer and faster ships had beat them there.

The Morpheus is the only sleeper ship to remain intact after its long journey, the others having been cannibalized for resources to sell by their occupants, after they found themselves immersed again within human economy with nothing else.

The Morpheus was designated a National Treasure by the New Eden Government soon after contact was made with Earth. Its current function is the most famous display at the New Eden Museum of Star Travel.

After being lost in the warp for generations, the drifting and damaged hulk of the Morpheus was discovered in 6769 by a renegade tech named the Deacon. By this point, the Morpheus had lost its main engines, and was a drifting hulk in the warp. The Deacon claimed the vessel as his own, and set up his own research and engineering systems. Over time, as the Deacon required more raw materials, and power for the on-board generation systems, he began to branch out and break his seclusion. Over time, the Morpheus became somewhat of a dark trading port. Its endless drift meant that without knowing its location, it would be almost impossible to find. This made it a perfect base for pirates and smugglers to dock, make repairs, and offload their illegal cargo, and with the Deacon watching over and taking a cut from everything, he was soon able to make additional repairs and upgrades to the “warp station” as it was beginning to be called.

In the year 7017 the Deacon’s empire came crashing down. He had agreed to use the Morpheus as the site for the auction of the now infamous Wild Card Virus. The auction was attended by representatives of the Foundling Worlds, Winterscale’s Realm, and members from another half dozen other groups/organizations. Before the auction could be completed, the temporary truce between these enemies broke down into a wild free-for-all battle. As if this weren’t the veritable death blow for the Deacon’s operation, but in a strange twist of fate, the Morpheus was struck by and boarded by an Orc-Rok which had been in the area at the time. With the Deacon dead, and his robotic forces in disarray, the remaining auction participants had no chance to stem the rush of orc warriors. Those ships that escaped within the initial minutes of the orc attack were the lucky ones who survived to tell the story. Anyone who remained on the hulk within the first hour past the attack found themselves stranded and facing either a violent death or slavery as the green-skins took control of the vessel.

There has not been an reported sightings of the Morpheus since the ill-fated auction, however it is considered highly likely that the hulk has been dominated by the orcs. The Morpheus is now considered a hostile xenos vessel, and ships spotting it are advised to report contact immediately to the closest government.


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