New Haven

New Haven and City Downs are the two poorest orbital cities of Inequity. Both boast a higher than average population (approx 150 million), and receive the lowest percentage of in-system government funding.

New Haven is true to the western roots of its name. It possesses a lawless wild west mentality. Here the gangs rule. Every facet of life is run by one gang or another. Some control life-support, others the docks, still others the food, and so on. Crime is high, and frequent clashes between smaller gangs for territory frequently occur.

Some wonder why the Governor allows New Haven to exist as it does. However the truth is that it provides a visible location for the Arbiters to monitor for in-system crime. Also, like City Downs it serves as a melting pot for the poor and disadvantaged.

Like most of the Orbital Cities, New Haven generally follows a standard design plan. The station has 2500 decks stacked almost 5km deep. The outer radius of the station rings are 1.5km. The station is “top heavy” because the top 1/3 bulges outwards comparatively to the narrower bottom 1/3. As the stations rotate in their orbits, they have a vaguely “spinning top” appearance.

New Haven

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