Somnium VIII

Name: Somnium VIII
Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Tropical
Terrain: Ocean
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: Varies
Diameter: 19,786km
Length of Day: 28 standard hours
Length of Year: 463 standard days
Sentient Species: Human
Language: Basic, English, Chinese, Russian
Population: 3 billion
Government: The Foundling Worlds
Major Exports: foodstuffs, gravometric tech
Major Imports: raw materials, Spaceship tech
System/Star: Somnium
Somnium I/Molten Rock/0
Somnium II/Searing Rock/0
Somnium III/Searing Rock/0
Somnium IV/Searing Rock/0
Somnium V/Terestrial/2
Somnium VI/Barren Rock/1
Somnium VII/Barren Rock/0
Somnium VIII/Terrestrial/1
Somnium IX/Gas Giant/4
Somnium X/Gas Giant/2
Somnium XI/Frozen Rock/4

The Somnium system is located on the boarder of the God Emperors Scourge. As such the entire solar system is wracked by frequent gravity storms. These storms are large and frequent enough to prevent the establishment of a Warp Gate in the region.

Somnium VIII is a tropical water world which produces vast amounts of sea food, and also houses some of the foremost research facilities dedicated to Gravometric studies. It was here that the Republic developed its Gravity Well Projector tech.

Due to the frequent variations in gravity, the tides of Somnium VIII can rise and fall quite rapidly, sometimes surging or falling over a kilometer in at a time. To adapt to this, the population resides in arks which can both ride on the water, or sail deep below. Their shields and gravitation are some of the best in the the Republic.

The waters of Somnium VIII are teaming with life. Vast beds of kelp and seaweed are unaffected by the comings and goings of gravity. Likewise the abundant sea-life cares little for the needs of men, and has adapted to the changing water levels with ease; although most species are predatory.

Travelers to the Somnium System should be wary of these gravity storms, and take care when navigating, as conditions can change rapidly.

Somnium VIII

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