The Foundling Worlds

The Foundling Worlds lie beyond the Cauldron, and they were some of the first worlds discovered after the Fall of Man. As such, many of these worlds remain at a high level of technology. Most of these star systems are in possession of a gate, and those few that aren’t lie within easy reach of common hyperspace routes.

The Foundling Worlds are all part of a republic known as the The Republic of the Foundling Worlds, or simply the Republic for short. Individual star systems are controlled by elected Planetary Governors who in turn report to the Council of Representatives.

The Foundling Worlds are comprised of roughly two dozen inhabited star systems, with a vast number of smaller holdings spread through Republic controlled space. This boundary covers the area from the Rimward end of the God Emperor’s Scourge all they way Coreward to the Koronus Passage. The star Furibundus marks the beginning of neutral space. Beyond this point is the bitter military rival of Winterscales Realm.

The Foundling Worlds:
False Hope
Somnium VIII
Repton IV
Salvar II

The Foundling Worlds

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