Winterscales Realm

Winterscale’s Realm is one of the oldest, most explored and exploited regions of the Argylian Expanse. It has delivered both fabulous riches and early death for the unwary in equal measure. Winterscale’s Realm is a region defined by the stars explored and charted by Sebastian Winterscale in the early centuries of the surrounding the Fall of Mankind. It is composed of almost 60 worlds sitting like islands amongst the darkness of the unknown. Traders have traversed the Realm’s breadth a hundred times, but even so, its farther reaches and troubled Hyperspace regions remain unmapped.

Winterscale’s Realm remains indebted to Sebastian Winterscale, and thus continue to turn to them for guidance. The one branch or another of the royal family of Winterscale has ruled the star kingdom since the coronation of Alexander Winterscale (Sebastian’s eldest son) in the second year after his father’s death. The current ruler of the Winterscale Realm is Queen Rossetta Winterscale IV

The kingdom of Winterscale is vast, and its people number among the trillions. In tonnage, its battle fleet easily outweighs that of its rivals by a factor of 10:1. Only the higher tech of the Foundling Worlds, and the neutral zone have kept tensions from spilling over before now.

The worlds of Winterscale’s Realm include:
Lucins Breath
Solace Encarmine
Serpentis Major
Serpentis Minor
Egarion Dominion
Valcetti’s Salvatio
Sheldon’s Folly
Aubray’s Anvil

Winterscales Realm

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