An Inheritance of Stars

A Mechanical Paradise

“….so you see Anita, if we adjust the probe a little, like this…you get a taser,” Hulik said. “It’s only good for one, maybe two shots, buuuuut…if my calculations are right, I should be able to have it fry standard power armour in that one shot. Pass me that crimper…aha. That’s it.” She straightened up, and removed her magnifiers. As she surveyed her bench, she felt deep satisfaction. Four little extensions of her will were lined up, ocular apertures open and glowing steadily. Two all-purpose general maintenance/mayhem models, and two of the new design – packed with explosives, they were, in essence, self-propelled limpet mines.

Already, Hulik was starting to consider improvements. Surely they could be made smaller. And lighter. And how does that stealth technology work anyways – could it be miniaturized? What about making them fly?



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