An Inheritance of Stars

A New Player in the Expanse

The bar at Berk’s Scrapyard quieted to silence as the vid-casters all began broadcasting a news bulletin.

Attention Inequity System residents. This is Ian Galixton coming to you from IGN with a special news report. This is possibly the most important news broadcast since mankind escaped from the Grenn.

As the IGN logo faded off the screens, Ian’s face was overlayed by the photo of a Prowler Pilot; Ian continued to talk in a voice over.

I’d like you all to meet someone very special. This is Jammer; he’s been a Prowler Pilot out on Port Wander for the past three years. What most of our viewers at home don’t know is that Jammer disappeared while on a patrol back in July. Now you may or may not know that a Prowler configured for a long distance flight can support 1 pilot for up to two weeks. This made it quite a surprise when Jammer returned to Port Wander just 1 week ago. For a pilot to return after 3.5 months in space when he only had 2 weeks of support is close to miraculous. However this isn’t what made Jammer’s story special. Lets hear it from him.

As Ian’s voice faded out, the voice of the pilot Jammer began to speak. “Hello, is this thing on?….ok, well then. My name is Jammer, and I’m a Prowler pilot from Port Wander. Like Mr. Galixton said, I went out on a milk run 3 months ago to escort home a returning science ship. Shortly after my wing and I made contact, the ship was attacked. We fought our best, but my wingmen, and the science ship were destroyed. I only survived because my thrusters had been shot out, and I spun off into deep space. I know I cant have drifted longer than a week or so because I was almost out of life-support when the ship found me.”

And here where it gets exciting. Tell us Jammer; who rescued you?

“It was humans Ian…Humans rescued me. The were in a powerful but old ship which they called a Rouge Trader, and named the ”/campaign/51182/wikis/Emperors%20Vow/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Emperor’s Vow. They knew nothing about the Expanse, but claimed to live in a an area of space known as the Calixis Sector…and that they were descended from the original inhabitants of Earth!!!"

This is Ian Galixton coming to you from IGN with the news story of the millennium!!! The Earth was never lost! we defeated the Grenn! and we went on to form the mighty IMPERIUM OF MAN! which has survived to this day. Now we, the lost branch of humanity, who escaped to ensure the survival of our race; have reunited with those who survived. Our two civilizations have finally reunited!! Ian paused for several moments to give his audience a chance to digest his words before speaking again. We are fortunate indeed that Jammer survived in order to meet our lost brothers, he will truly go down in history for his heroic act. However something disturbing has come from this as well. Ian’s face was now stern, yet sad at the same time. We have images from Jammer’s gun camera’s which show the identity of his attackers from that fateful day back in July._ Ian’s face faded, and was replaced by a still shot which appeared almost taken from an action vid. The view was from below the cockpit, and it could be seen partially in the top of the frame. To the side a large ship was in the midst of being struck by powerful missiles and beam weapons. Shorn steel, and vented gases showed the already massive extent of the damage. Directly ahead of the guns showed a view of the attacking vessel; a Gray battle cruiser. As of yet, diplomats from the Gray, our so called allies; have refused to comment on the incident.

In related news, leaders from the Republic, the Star Kingdom, and even the Confederation of Fringe Worlds have gathered to discuss these massive revelations. We’ll have more information as it becomes available. This is Ian Galixton from the Intergalactic News, signing off.



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