An Inheritance of Stars

Baraban Mission Briefing

Watch Captain Brand strode into the briefing room and glanced at the Kill-team already assembled before him. “Alright Marines, your ship is waiting so I’ll keep this brief; the full mission details will be available for your study in transit to Baraban.” As the Captain spoke, a visual representation of the forested world of Baraban appeared in the air between the gathered men. “A few days ago we received a strange report from Baraban. The account describes a Hail of daggers that fell in the middle of a battle. The local Imperial Guard tried to send us a sample of one, but the box arrived empty. Of even more significance however is that when this report was revived, one of our Seers reported that a General Carasas located on that same world would have a significant impact on the outcome of that war. Since then we’ve been trying to see what other data we can correlate with this incident. We have found one pict of…interest.” The Captain turned an ornate cog on the command console, and a still pict replaced the planet on the screen. In it a fierce battle rages between Vespid and Imperial Guard, all darkened by a jagged, ominous shadow. He adjusted another dial causing the view to pan back. Despite the complete view of the landscape, no object existed in the pict which could cause such a shadow. Brand circled the image with his finger. “As you can see, there is clearly something abnormal about it. We also believe that the Tau have deployed command units in response, so keeping a low profile will ease your mission. If there is something dangerous we cant let it fall to the enemy.” Turning the dial once more, Brand nodded his head in response towards the team in front of him. “Here are your objectives. If there are no questions, I will withdraw to allow you to requisition your gear and prepare for your mission.” After a moment of silence, he turned and left the room. Behind him, the data remained on the console.

Primary Objective: Investigate the reports of possible Xenos artifacts, and prevent them from falling into the hands of the enemy.
Secondary Objective: Bring back usefull information on the artifacts.
Secondary Objective: Rendezvous with General Carasas and evaluate his potential for influencing the outcome of the war on Baraban.
Tertiary Objective: Assist the war effort until mission extraction.



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