An Inheritance of Stars

Considerations of a Long Term Survivor

Freddy walked back to his room and secured the door behind him to get some privacy to think things through.

With Faust leaving the ship there was one less person he felt he could rely on in a tough situation; and it seemed like the captain was taking the cockroaches as crew after bringing them into his little impromptu meeting in the hangar bay. DC seemed like someone who might become a liability if he couldn’t keep a cool head, but definitely had potential to be useful provided he remembers t hold his gun correctly in a firefight. the girl and the body guard should be useful to have around provided DC will set a good example for them.

Freddy settled into his chair and pulled up the technical documents they had recovered from the laboratory with the stealth fighters. He really liked the idea of their transport ship being a stealth craft as it would definitely increase the chance that he would get away unscathed if things ever went bad on a mission, but only if it did not have any… unpleasant.. side effects from exposure to whatever field this device generated.

He had a feeling what he considered an acceptable risk of side effects from exposure would be vastly different from what a corp or military scientist would think, and if there is anything Freddy worried about, its his own survival and benefit.



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