Captain Ivan Korsogan


Ivan is a causally drunk space transport captain of poor repute. He is known for public drunkenness, brawling, and (generally speaking) getting the job done. Ivan is a screw-up, but one who tends to fail his way into success through disaster.

Ivan’s appearance is villainous, partially by design, and partly to an unfortunate resemblance to the somewhat stereotypical image of his historical Russian gangster ancestry. Nobody has yet determined if he cultivates this look intentionally or through a vigorous regime of lazy hygiene and home brewed vodka.


Ivan’s history is more speculation than fact. It is know that he has worked some year as a free-mercenary, however those who admit to knowing him will say little if anything about his past. For a time (4 years) Ivan disappeared and was presumed dead. No record of this missing time is know to exist. Recently Ivan has teamed up with a young officer and been operating as a light freighter captain, and sometimes mercenary for hire.

Captain Ivan Korsogan

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