The Butler is a Class 5 domestic Droid. He is small with a magnetic track system and dual hand attachments with an additional arc-welder attached on a tool limb. “He” has an on board fire suppression system, and cargo storage for 5kg worth of items. Programed with a Vocabulator, Heuristic Processor, and built in recording unit, this little Droid comes with established domestic, and repair/maintenance coding, and over time can learn to do many many more tasks to make YOUR life easier.

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Seymore, named by the ever so funny Captain Korsogan (derived from the Seymore Butts reference) has had a hard life. Despite domestic being his primary designation, he has spent most of his robotic life doing repair work on the space rigs which frequented the refueling way station he called home. Eventually (perhaps fortunately) his ownership changed hands in a crooked poker game which was stacked in the favor of his current employer, the illustrious Captain Ivan Korsogan.

Seymore adamantly denies that Ivan only bid on the hand becauseGnat threatened to space all of his possessions if he didn’t pick up after himself. Instead Seymore maintains that "a pair of tens with ace high is a hand worth running with.


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